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Russia’s first superconducting qubit

Scientists from leading universities and scientific centers actually created the first in Russia superconducting qubit necessary for the quantum computer creation. A group of researchers led by Oleg Astafiev (MIPT), Alexey Ustinov  and Valery Ryazanov  worked on this project. Alexey Ustinov shared his comments on this outstanding invention.

First steps towards qubit creation were made two years ago in 2013, when researchers from the Laboratory of Superconductive Materials, NUST «МISiS» together with the Russian Quantum Center led by Alexey Ustinov measured the qubit for the first time. However, the qubit under investigation was manufactured in Germany by the group of researchers led by prof. Eugeny Iliechev whose new laboratory in currently under construction in Novosibirsk. Creation of the Russian know-how for the superconducting qubit manufacturing was quite effort consuming.

The process of qubit measuring meant its penetration by microwave radiation with a subsequent measuring of such radiation phase shift. The measurements proved that the obtained system was indeed a qubit with two fundamental states. Qubit’s principal property to acquire two-state superposition simultaneously was also demonstrated.

Creation of the superconducting qubit know-how by 2015 required more resources both human and technological hence almost every R&D center in Russia competent in the field of superconducting quantum devices participated in this scientific experiment.

Prof. Alexey Ustinov, Head of the Laboratory for Superconductive Materials, NUST «МISiS», professor at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology shared the following comments on this outstanding experiment for the Russian science:
«Now it is obvious that critical mass has accumulated in Russia, i.e. scientific centers, equipment, know-how, researchers and developments; this is the foundation for the competition with the leading world research centers including the field of quantum computer creation. No doubt, NUST «МISiS» is a prominent member of this scientific community – so far there are only four labs in Russia capable to conduct experiments involving qubits, and our research team is among the best».

According to Alexey Ustinov, «Quantum computer will allow deciphering any messages coded by modern cryptographic algorithms. Its creation will lead to vast changes in data security systems. Besides, quantum computers will allow using principally new information technology systems responsible for the data quantum processing. Quantum computing devices will provide for a broad spectrum of solutions, for instance synthesis of materials with desired properties, complex image sorting, optimization and recognition problems, and quantum system modeling as such. The majority of such problems has no solution using common classic computers».

Alexey Ustinov in the Laboratory for superconducting metamaterials

Alexey Ustinov in the Laboratory for superconducting metamaterials