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Moscow Mini Maker Faire

The first in our country festival Maker Faire, which has already won people’s hearts all over the world, was held in NUST “MISiS” in  July, 9-10 .

In the frame of the festival Moscow Mini Maker Faire in NUST “MISiS” students working in our laboratory Nikita Volsky, Mariya Kogokar` and Ivan Stenischev with the supervisor Alexey Basharin experimentally demonstrated toroid dipole response in metamaterial based on clusters of cylindrical particles. The topology of the clusters allows us to observe the toroidal moment in a narrow range of frequencies (1-3 GHz). In their experiment they use the specially designed and created  anechoic chamber.

Great interest has been expressed by the participants of the festival in the experiment and inventions of our colleagues.

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From left to right: Alexey Basharin, Mariya Kogokar`, Ivan Steniscev, Nikita Volsky


From left to right: Alexey Basharin, Ivan Stenischev, Nikita Volsky. Photo: Mariya Brodskaya