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XXI Schmidt Seminar on Superconductivity

Wed 05Jun2019

From 15:00

At National University of Science and Technology MISIS

Superconducting Metamaterials Laboratory / Nadezhda Sannikova, tel: +7 (495) 638 46 46, cell phone: +7 (929) 566 77 60


The XXI Schmidt Seminar on Superconductivity will be held in National University of Science and Technology MISIS (Moscow, Leninsky prospect, 4) conference hall № Б-734, on June, 5 at 15:00.


Title: Chirality-controlled spontaneous currents in spin-orbit coupled superconducting rings

Speaker: Prof. Dr. A. I. Buzdin,  University Bordeaux, France


At a superconductor interface with a ferromagnetic insulator (FI), the FI acts to induce a local exchange field within the S layer, which in the presence of spin-orbit interaction promotes a phase- modulated superconducting state. Here we demonstrate that within a thin superconducting loop that is partially proximitized by a FI, spontaneous currents form with a magnetization-orientation-dependent chirality with sizable shifts in LittleParks oscillations. Furthermore, the critical temperature of the loop is also magnetization-orientation-dependent and conversely, the superconducting transition itself may influence the magnetization direction. More generally, the superconducting region above the FI serves as a “phase battery” and so offers a new device concept for superconducting spintronics. 


Venue:  NUST MISiS, conference hall № Б-734 (7th floor)

Everyone is welcome! 
Entrance for seminar participants who are not students, graduate students or employees of MISIS, will be carried out upon presentation of passport upon prior registration for the seminar. Registration is opened till 14:00 June, 5.


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