• Development of superconducting structures with unique electromagnetic characteristics and the study of their physical properties...

Ilya Besedin


Engineer of the lab

Postgraduate student of National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute)


Engineer – physist, National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute), Faculty “Higher College of Physics RAS”, Department of Solid State Physics and nanosystems (70)

Extracurricular activities

  1. “High-resolution imaging of colloidal crystals by ptychography”, DESY Summer school 2014, Photon Science division, Coherent X-ray Scattering Group, July-September 2014
  2. Creating a computer interface for the automation station, Kurchatov Center for Synchrotron Radiation and Nanotechnology,  Station “Langmuir”, June 2010

Poster presentations at conferences, seminars

1. I. Besedin, A.V. Zozulya, D. Dzhigaev, O. Gorobtsov, A. Shabalin, R.P. Kurta, J.-M. Meijer, A.V. Petukhov, E. Sulyanova, I. Zaluzhnyy, M. Sprung and I.A. Vartanyants,  “Ptychographic Coherent Diffraction Imaging of Colloidal Crystals”. Poster. DESY Users Meeting 2015, Hamburg, Germany, 2015.
2. V. L. Nosik, I. S. Besedin, “Reconstruction of the structure of nanosized objects with photoelectron and fluorescent X-ray holography images”. Poster. X-TOP International Conf., St. Petersburg, Russia, 2012.


1. E. Sulyanova, A. Shabalin, A. Zozulya, J.-M. Meijer, D. Dzhigaev, O. Gorobtsov, R. Kurta, S. Lazarev, U. Lorenz, A. Singer, O. Yefanov, I. Zaluzhnyy, I. Besedin, M. Sprung, A. Petukhov, I. Vartaniants, “Structural Evolution of Colloidal Crystal Films in the Process of Melting Revealed by Bragg Peak Analysis”, Langmuir 31 (19), 5274–5283 (2015).
2. A. Zozulya, A. Shabalin, H. Schulte-Schrepping, J. Heuer, M. Spiwek, I. Sergeev, I. Besedin, I. Vartanyants, M. Sprung, “Wavefront preserving channel-cut optics for coherent x-ray scattering experiments at the P10 beamline at PETRAIII”, Journal of physics / Conference Series 499, 012003 — (2014)
3. I. Besedin, F. Chukhovskii, and V. Asadchikov, “Study of the Diffraction Contrast of Dislocations in X-Ray Topo-tomography: A Computer Simulation and Image Analysis”, Crystallography Reports 59, 3, 323 (2014)


Lecture of Alexander Zagoskin