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Семинар «Metamaterials and their structural components»

Чт 25Май2017
Москва, Ленинский проспект, 4

Семинар "Metamaterials and their structural components"

From 11:00 until 14:30


Москва, Ленинский проспект, 4

Лаборатория "Сверхпроводящие метаматериалы" / Correspondent person: Andrei Malishevskii, e-mail: vabanque@mail.ru; phone: +7 916 135 03 25


The seminar "Metamaterials and their structural components" organized by Superconducting Metamaterials Laboratory will be held in National University of Science and Technology MISiS (Moscow, Leninskiy prospekt 4), lecture hall Б-607 (6th floor) on 25th of May at 11:00.

Программа семинара "Metamaterials and their structural components"

11:00 - 11:45 I. Chitzanidi «Robust chimera states in SQUID metamaterials with local interactions»
11:45 - 12:05 I. Besedin «Single qubit manipulation in MISIS»
12:05 - 12:25 K. Shulga «Collective modes in arrays of near-frequency superconducting qubits»
12:35 - 12:55 M. Iontsev «Double-resonance response of a superconducting quantum metamaterial: Manifestation of nonclassical states of photons»
12:55 - 13:30 G. Neofotistos «Luneburg lenses waveguides: electromagnetic waves and plasmons propagation»


Everyone is welcome! Entrance for seminar participants who are not students, graduate students or employees of MISiS, will be carried out upon presentation of passport subject to prior registration for the seminar (until 10:30 the day of the seminar). 

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