• Development of superconducting structures with unique electromagnetic characteristics and the study of their physical properties...

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The 1st International School “Superconducting Quantum Hardware”

The 1st International School “Superconducting Quantum Hardware” within the framework of the 6th International Conference on Quantum Technologies ICQT 2021 will be held on 19-22 July, 2021. The School is organized jointly by three leading Russian laboratories in the field of superconducting electronics with the support of the Russian Science Foundation. The school is intended for young scientists […]


The Fourth International Conference on Quantum Technologies will take place in Moscow on July 12−16, 2017. It is organized by the Russian Quantum Center. This interdisciplinary meeting will bring together over 100 experts from various fields of physics exploring frontiers of quantum technologies and include sessions on: superconductivity, quantum optics, ultra-cold atoms and molecules, plasmonics, photonics, optomechanics, cold neutrons, many-body theory, polaritons in solid state […]

The Summer School 2016

Russian Quantum Center is organizing The Summer School 2016 for graduate students and postdocs on 22 – 27 August, 2016 in The National University of Science and Technology “MISIS”, Moscow. The School will be held in English. Learn more