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Metamaterials: theory, experiment, and applications

On Wednesday, September 7, at 15:00 international Scientific-practical seminar “Metamaterials: theory, experiment, and applications” will be held in NUST “MISiS”. Venue: NUST “MISiS”, lecture hall Б-636. Organizer: Laboratory of Superconducting Metamaterials. Seminar program: 15:00 – 15:45 “Chimera states and synchronization in magnetically driven SQUID metamaterials” G. Neofotistos, University of Crete  15:45-16:15 “Modern Physics and Technology: the […]

A paper “Qubit lattice coherence induced by electromagnetic pulses in superconducting metamaterials” published in a journal Scientific Reports that is a part of Nature group

A paper “Qubit lattice coherence induced by electromagnetic pulses in superconducting metamaterials” by researches of our laboratory Zoran Ivic, Nikolaos Lazarides and Georgios Tsironis published in a journal Scientific Reports that is a part of Nature group. The article is available in web page Publications. A superconducting quantum metamaterial comprising superconducting charge qubits loaded periodically on a […]

Open RQC colloquium. Lecture 5

  The fifth lecture “Superconducting quantum processors: State of the art and challenges” in “Open RQC colloquium” will be held in National University of Science and Technology MISIS (Moscow, Leninskiy prospekt 4), lecture hall № Б-534 (5th floor), on 15th of July at 10:00 a.m by Alexey Ustinov, Head of laboratory of superconducting metamaterials, Professor in Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany) and […]

Moscow Mini Maker Faire

The first in our country festival Maker Faire, which has already won people’s hearts all over the world, was held in NUST “MISiS” in  July, 9-10 . In the frame of the festival Moscow Mini Maker Faire in NUST “MISiS” students working in our laboratory Nikita Volsky, Mariya Kogokar` and Ivan Stenischev with the supervisor Alexey Basharin experimentally demonstrated toroid dipole […]

PostDoc Program

NUST MISIS announced an Open International Grant Competition designed to support young scientists (PostDoc) with international background, invited to conduct a joint research project during 2 years (2016-2018). The purpose of this grant competition is to identify, in compliance with approved procedures and regulations, the best research project proposal submitted by an applicant seeking support […]

Summer School

Russian Quantum Center is organizing The Summer School 2016 for graduate students and postdocs on 22 – 27 August, 2016 in The National University of Science and Technology “MISIS”, Moscow. The School will be held in English. School Topics: Quantum information, Spintronics, Metamaterials This School will bring together senior scientists of international reputation, graduate students […]

Russia’s first superconducting qubit

Scientists from leading universities and scientific centers actually created the first in Russia superconducting qubit necessary for the quantum computer creation. A group of researchers led by Oleg Astafiev (MIPT), Alexey Ustinov  and Valery Ryazanov  worked on this project. Alexey Ustinov shared his comments on this outstanding invention. First steps towards qubit creation were made […]

Schmidt seminar on superconductivity

Laboratory for superconducting metamaterials organises the series of Schmidt seminars on superconductivity with invited famous scientists with original reports on superconductivity. The seminar is named after Vadim V. Schmidt. V.V. Schmidt (1927-1985) – an outstanding Russian (Soviet) scientist, professor of MISIS, the organizer and head (in 1978-1985.) of the Laboratory of Superconductivity at the Institute of Solid […]