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Open RQC colloquium. Lecture 36

Fri 02Mar2018
MISIS, Leninsky Ave, 4, Moscow, 119049

From 10:00

At National University of Science and Technology MISiS, lecture hall Б-536 (5th floor)

MISIS, Leninsky Ave, 4, Moscow, 119049

Russian Quantum Center

The Thirty Sixth lecture "Quantum Networks: Long-standing Problems and Novel Applications" in Open RQC Colloquium will be held in National University of Science and Technology MISIS (Moscow, Leninsky Avenue, 4) lecture hall № Б-536 (5th floor), on 2th of March 2018 at 10:00 a.m by Aleksey Fedorov, PhD in Physics, Senior researcher in Russian Quantum Center.


Quantum key distribution networks are remarkable because they combine techniques for controlling individual quantum systems with practical applications in information security. In successfully implementing these networks, we have tackled a number of challenges in both classical and quantum information theory. We will discuss a powerful technique we developed for correcting the quantum-channel noise errors, which is an essential step in generating useful encryption keys.  We will also consider a number of emerging applications for these quantum networks.  One such application is the quantum blockchain, a distributed ledger platform with high Byzantine Fault Tolerance that enables achieving consensus in a large decentralized network of parties who do not trust each other.



Aleksey Fedorov graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University (M.S., 2015) and University of Paris-Saclay (Ph.D., 2017). For excellent academic achievements, he awarded by a number of prestigious scholarships such as Russian Federation Government Scholarship (2013-2014), Russian President Scholarship (2014-2015), Bauman University Scientific Committee Scholarship (2014), Bauman University Alumni Club Scholarship (2015), and many others. His research activities were recognized by the RQC fellowship for undergraduate students (2013-2015) and the Dynasty Foundation Fellowship for undergraduate students (2014-2015). Research interests are at the interface of quantum optics, atomic and molecular physics, condensed matter physics, and quantum information science.


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