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The seminar “Collective States in SQUID Lieb Metamaterial” by Dr Nikolaos Lazarides

Thu 01Mar2018
MISIS, Leninsky Ave, 4, Moscow, 119049

From 15:00

At National University of Science and Technology MISiS, lecture hall Б-706 (7th floor)

MISIS, Leninsky Ave, 4, Moscow, 119049

Superconducting Metamaterials Laboratory / Dr. Andrei Malishevskii vabanque@mail.ru +7 916 135 03 25


The seminar “Collective States in SQUID Lieb Metamaterial” organized by Superconducting Metamaterials Laboratory will be held in National University of Science and Technology MISIS (Moscow, Leninskiy prospekt 4), lecture hall Б-706 (7th floor) on 1th of March at 15:00.


Speaker: Dr Nikolaos Lazarides (Crete Center for Quantum Complexity and Nanotechnology, Department of Physics, University of Crete, Heraklion, Crete, Greece)



A SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) metamaterial on a Lieb lattice with nearest-neighbor coupling supports simultaneously stable dissipative breather families which are generated through a delicate balance of input power and intrinsic losses.

Breather multistability is possible due to the peculiar snaking flux ampitude - frequency curve of single dissipative-driven SQUIDs, which for relatively high sinusoidal flux field amplitudes exhibits several stable and unstable solutions in a narrow frequency band around resonance.

These breathers are very weakly interacting with each other, while multistability regimes with different number of simultaneously stable breathers persist for substantial intervals of frequency, flux field amplitude, and coupling coefficients.

Moreover, the emergence of chimera states as well as novel temporally chaotic states exhibiting spatial homogeneity within each sublattice of the Lieb lattice is demonstrated.


Language: English


Everyone is welcome! 

Entrance for seminar participants who are not students, graduate students or employees of MISIS, will be carried out upon presentation of passport upon prior registration for the seminar.


Correspondent person: Dr Andrei Malishevskii vabanque@mail.ru +7 916 135 03 25